Georgia TSA prepares its members to be successful leaders in a technological society through co-curricular activities like communication, leadership, teamwork, and competitive skill development.



Students are exposed to leadership learning and opportunities through officer participation, committee participation, and leadership activities that are incorporated into the classroom and/or chapter meetings.



Offering over 70 competitive events for middle and high school students, TSA events appeal to a wide audience. Events include website design, dragster design, engineering, biotechnology and more!

Dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in engineering & technology education pathway programs.TSA Chapters prepare students to be successful inventors, designers, creative problem solvers, responsible citizens and leaders in a technological society.

Latest News

  • 2014 National Conference Winners!

    Congratulations to our 2014 National Conference Event Winners! Also, congratulations to Laura, A.C., and Leigh Ann as they are 2014-2015 National Officers! 

  • 2014-2015 Back to School Packet

    View the 2014 Back to School and Affiliation Packet to learn about our exciting upcoming events planned for the new year!

  • 2014-15 Program of Work - Calendar of Event

    Click here to view the 2014-15 Program of Work - Calendar of Events! 

  • 2014 State Conference Awards Photographs

    Make sure to order your photos from the 2014 State Leadership Conference Awards Ceremony! 

  • State Event Judges Sheets and School Recap Reports

    All event judges sheets and school recap sheets can be found inside EMS! To view HS overall chapter ranking or the MS overall chapter rankings.Congratulations to all event winners and new state officers!!

  • State Registration Deadline

    Late registration will close on 2/28/2014 at midnight. All payments must be made by 2/28/2014, either by a check or online payments through EMS.


    Due to the extreme winter weather that half of the state is suffering through this week and the possibility that some schools may not even be back at school on Friday, GA TSA is extending all deadlines through midnight on Wednesday, February 19th. This includes registration, pre-conference electronic submissions,  email submissions and postmark dates.

  • State Conference Schedule Update

    A new conference master schedule and daily schedule have been posted to the State Leadership Conference page! Please be advised, some times might change as we get closer to the conference! **Updated 2/5/2014

  • Student Association Bylaw Changes to Work with Corporate Bylaws Passed Last Year.

    During the business meeting at the 2014 State Conference, delegates will vote to adopt the updated GA TSA Student Association Bylaws. The old bylaws conflict with the Corporate Bylaws that were adopted at last year's state conference business meeting. They have been updated to work with the Corporate Bylaws. Modifications are in red, some sections that are now covered by the corporate bylaws have been deleted.

  • School Scene Update - Fall & Winter 2013

    Check out our 2013 Fall & Winter School Scene edition! Learn about what we have accomplished this year, and what exciting opportunities are to come!

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