Georgia TSA prepares its members to be successful leaders in a technological society through co-curricular activities like communication, leadership, teamwork, and competitive skill development.



Students are exposed to leadership learning and opportunities through officer participation, committee participation, and leadership activities that are incorporated into the classroom and/or chapter meetings.



Offering over 70 competitive events for middle and high school students, TSA events appeal to a wide audience. Events include website design, dragster design, engineering, biotechnology and more!

Dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in engineering & technology education pathway programs.TSA Chapters prepare students to be successful inventors, designers, creative problem solvers, responsible citizens and leaders in a technological society.

Latest News

  • Please Take Survey - TSA Impact on Members

    The following link will take you to a survey for GA TSA Members and former members to express the impacts that being involved in TSA has had on them and their choices. Please take a minute and answer the 12 short questions in the survey. Thank you.


    The NEW GA TSA State Leadership Conference Dates for 2017 are: March 9-11, 2017.

    I was directed by the board to make every effort to move the 2017 (next year's) State Leadership Conference due to our ITEEA Professional Association Annual Conference falling on the same exact days.

    Our state is hosting the 2018 Conference in Atlanta and many of our teachers and advisors have important duties this year. They are expected to shadow the 2017 Host Team to learn what they will be doing in ATL as well as promoting the Atlanta Conference in Dallas.

    I contacted FCCLA's Executive Director and made the request to swap weekends with them. They had the same days, a week earlier. Their board graciously voted to accept the swap.

    This has JUST happened, so along with the Classic Center arrangements, this also affects our hotel blocks.. I will be signing new hotel contracts this Friday. SO those of you with reservations, already will need to change the dates of your stay, moving them to the week earlier. I will announce when the new block agreements have been signed. I will attempt to see if they can just move the existing TSA CHapter reservations to that week, but, it may require you to contact your hotel and make those changes AFTER I have completed the revised contracts. (Because they will not have any blocks for us yet on the new dates.


  • State Leadership School Rankings

    The rankings for HS and MS schools is now available.

  • Army and GM are Gold Level SLC Sponsors

    GM joins Army as Gold Level Conference Sponsors for this year's State Leadership Conference in Athens. Army will be bringing their semi truck, interactive education center for our members to explore during the conference. It will be located under the pavillion. In addition, AT&T is joined by Valdosta State University as Silver Level Conference Sponsors. GA TSA deeply appreciates the generosity of our conference sponsors in providing resources that help provide the State Leadership Conference and keep the costs to our participants in check.

  • 16-17 Program of Work Calendar

    Those of you working on 16-17 Planning here's the link to the TSA Program of Work Calendar for 16-17

  • Conference Results
    Judges rubrics are now availible in student accounds and advisor accounts in EMS, as well as a full ranking report for advisors! Login to EMS to check it out!

    Top ten results are availible at

  • State Leadership Results

    State Leadership results can be found at

  • 2016 State Leadership Conference Registration Packet!

    The registration packet is available here! Registration will be open from January 4th to February 19th.  All registration payments are due on or before March 4, 2016.

  • State Leadership Pre-conference Event Testing

  • GA TSA and the Atlanta Hawks Announce TSA Night

    Good news!! Again this year The Atlanta Hawks GA TSA Night at Phillips Arena!!

    Plan to buy your tickets before they sell out again like they did last year. They broke their all time franchise win record on TSA Night. Packed house. many TSA chapters waited until the last second and the game was sold out. Please view the event flyer for details on purchasing tickets.

    GA TSA Night 2016 is January 16!

    • Sections 301-306 - $21 each
    • Sections 307-314 - $25 each
    • Section 111 - $75 each

    You can add unlimited popcorn and soda OR $10 worth of food and beverage credit onto each tickets for just $5 more per person.

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